The scholarship Fund is a partnership with Boscat Thrift Bond Funds and Carol N. Morgan-Brown, MSFE.  The motto of the scholarship fund is: "Changing the mind from the concrete to the abstract one student at a time."

The origin of the scholarship fund is the idea of a former New York City Public School teacher Carol N. Morgan-Brown, MSFE.  She began financially supporting high school students as early as 2004 when some of them needed money for college.  The y=3x+2 Scholarship Fund was created to formally organize her contributions and acquire new resources.   The name of the scholarship originated from the fact that whenever a math student needed an explanation, Ms. Morgan-Brown would always begin with the equation of "y=3x+2."

Also, the enviable and affable Ms. Morgan-Brown has been a board member of several organizations including the Urban Bankers Coalition of New York City and the African American Society of Case Western Reserve University.

For more information about her credentials, please go to:

Click on "Certificate Holder Lookup" tab located at the top right hand side.  Finally, type in the name of Carol N. Morgan-Brown, making sure to include the hyphen.  Scroll down, click on her name and click  "view detail" to view her NYS teaching certifications.

Recent Publications:

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