Currently, we are classified as a private and family owned 501(a) organization / tax exempt organization.   In the future we hope to be classified as a private 501 c(3) organization or a "qualified non profit," making your donations easier and providing the scholarship fund with a broader scope. 

To make a donation send a written request to the director of the program or click on the link below.  All donations will receive a written confirmation within 75 days. 

Although the fund has been in existence since Fall 2009, as of 5/2/23 we have only received seven financial donations.   Hopefully in time, my idea should touch your heart and encourage you to give.  Each donor will receive a complimentary pencil with the scholarship name engraved on it.

Donation Options
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If being a benefactor isn't your thing, the scholarship fund sells pencils, a children's book called Big Brother sold on;, "Requiem Requiem" an unisex skin cream created by Carol Morgan-Brown and music CDs.  Or, even financial instruments called CHIP bonds since Ms. Morgan-Brown is also a certified Financial Engineer.  Chips are Controlled Hi Yield Payup micro ($100) bonds. Coupon payments for the life of the bond will be available November and May of each year with an option to swap out an old coupon for a higher coupon rate via a payup from the patron.  Click the button above and select $100.  A written bond agreement will be mailed within 10 days.  A rates webpage will be available for current patrons delineating instructions for payups. The first coupon payment will be this November.  These are unrated and uninsured.  Please note, the CHIP offering is not a scam, many "Payday loans" require paybacks from the loanee or debtor that seem illegal but faith and honesty affords the loan to be repaid.  Try to fund this fund by purchasing a CHIP.  What do you say?

Lastly, If you can not make a monetary contribution you can still help. We still need fundraisers, office space, computers / laptops, fax machines, printers, phones, office supplies and etc. 

 To contact the director click on the "Contact" page.